It’s seafood time!

Hello everybody!

Gas La Credenza offers you the opportunity to buy a box of good, clean and fair seafood, offered by Fishbox. For more info check out their website:

If you are interested in ordering, please write a mail to before Friday,May 24, at 8:00 pm.

Attached you can find the list with all the options you can choose from, with the relative prices.

The payment must be done in advance on Monday, May 27, from 6 pm until 7 pm at the GAS shop, Vicolo Sergente Testa 2/b, Bra. The delivery of the boxes will take place on Wednesday, May 29, at the GAS shop. More information about the time of the delivery will be sent as soon as possible to those who ordered.

Do not miss this chance!

Thank you all 🙂

Fishbox Locandina Maggio 2013 Piemonte-1


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My life motto is "Beurre, donnez-moi du beurre. Toujours du beurre!". It says it all, just there in one phrase.
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