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GAS La Credenza – Managers/Responsabili

Position/Product Volunteer Contact
GAS Manager Caterina Pira
Garlic Cream&Barbarià Biscuits, Flour, Grissini Caterina Pira
Pasta & other products Chiara Taricco
Beer Lorenzo Ivaldi, Matteo Doveri, Matthias Jaeger
Meat Paola Migliorini
Fishbox Valeria Ghignone,Martina Ceccarelli, Bianca Bertaccini
Mozzarella Martina Barbero
Fruit and vegetables Piera Penna, Maria Virginia La Placa,
Oranges&Products from Sardinia Sara Anselmi
Olive Oil Elena Contenti
Miso, Chickhpea sauce, Soy sauce, Tamari sauce, Umeboshi & other products Arturo Turilazzi
Hemp pasta, flour, seeds and other products Elena Tirone
Apples, pears, apple juice, apple vinegar, pear juice Marco Testa
Coffee Marco Simionato
Eggs Laura Belli
Chocolate Vittoria Borea
Parmesan Martina Ceccarelli, Bianca Bertaccini
Rice Mara Petruzzelli
Wine Tommaso Galli, Vittorio Cenci, Hadley Hughes
Bread Enrico Cirilli, Laura La Spuzza Gagliardi
Liquors, Jams Mara Petruzzelli
Hazelnuts Elena Contenti, Hadley Hughes

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