Get ready for Slow Fish!

Slow Fish is coming up, so let’s celebrate by buying a box of sustainable and fresh fish!

Gas La Credenza offers you the opportunity to buy a box of good, clean and fair seafood, offered by Fishbox. For more info check out their website:

If you are interested in ordering, please write a mail to before Friday,May 3, at 8:00 pm.

Attached you can find the list with all the options you can choose from, with the relative prices.

The payment must be done in advance on Monday, May 6, from 6 pm until 7 pm at the GAS shop, Vicolo Sergente Testa 2/b, Bra. The delivery of the boxes will take place on Wednesday, May 8, at the GAS shop. More information about the time of the delivery will be sent as soon as possible to those who ordered.

Do not miss this chance!

Fishbox Locandina Marzo 2013 Piemonte-1

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It’s not only about food … here are the shoes!

Not only food at the Gas! This week we propose you an order of ASTORFLEX SHOES!

A simple shoe, made by the finest materials (vegetable tanned lining, insole leather and soled rubber) and created with Italian labor within the company. Not influenced by fashion or brand names, the costumer is well aware of how much work has served to create the final product. That’s the basic philosophy and critical spirit of Astorflex.

The shoes meet the need to walk comfortably without depending on mode and provide a new ethical status between producer and consumer.

With this philosophy, we have obtained this recipe:

  • Italian labour
  • Short chain from producer to consumer, all Italian
  • Traceability the origin of raw material
  • Materials biodegradable with low environmental impact
  • Comfort respecting the anatomy of the foot in collaboration with physicians
  • Transparency supplier, laboratories and the costs that determine the final price
  • Ethnic
  • Investments in health research and the gradual reduction of chemicals

For more information about the production methods, the history, the products and prices, check their website!

You can order answering this email by midnight of Friday April, 26th. You’ll receive later information about the delivery.


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Extravirgin olive oil

From today until the 27th of April, we will be taking orders for  Extravirgin olive oil !

For those who do not know,  this oil is made in the Umbrian – “Azienda Agricola Il Sasso” di Danilo e Francesco Basili.

The quality of this product is assured thanks to the different local varities of olive trees (Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoio e Olivella) and the sinolea method, a cold pressing milling system.

You can buy the olive oil in different volumes:




 0,75 l bottle

9 €

11 €

3 l can

27 €

29 €

 5 l can

45 €

47 €


This year prices are slightly increased. They include delivery fee.

We propose that you buy the oil in groups (e.g. 5 L for 5 persons …, this way you can save some money). If you decide to do as we suggested, you have to bring empty water bottles or any kind of container. If not you can divide it on your own.  

Send your orders to  until the midnight of the 27th April,  specifying  the format, quantity and phone number.

We will tell you in a next e-mail when the delivery will take place.

Remember: the next batch of oil will not be ready before the autumn!

So… buona “bruschetta” to everyone!


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Organic meat!

From today until Monday the 13th of April it’s possible to order meat from organic farming! The meat comes from Fattoria Italia, a farm in the hamlet Trucchi, Cuneo. Here the family Dotto raises about 170 animals, of which the cattle is exclusively Piedmontese breed and some pigs are raised for meat and sausages. After visiting this farm, we ascertained that the company complies as much as possible the biological specifications, with particular attention to the ethological needs of the animals. The slaughter of the animals takes place in a slaughterhouse in Cuneo, just ten minutes from the farm.

You can order:

  • FAMILY PACKS 5 or 10 kg of Piedmontese cattle breed with an assortment of different cuttings;
  • PORK (chops, ribs, tenderloin …) per kg;
  • COLD CUTS from pork meat (salami, ham, bacon, bacon …).


For more information you can find the attached list with all the details.

Send your order within Monday the 22th of April at midnight to, indicating your email address and a telephone number.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Say cheese!

From today on you have the possibility to order some products obtained from buffalo milk from the Chicco Luca farm (for more info visit In Carmagnola, a little town just a stone throw away from Bra, Luca and his family rear 500 buffalos, of which about 100 in lactation.  They are fed with hay, grass, corn and  soy cultivated inside the farm. Luca uses only the milk from his cows and inside his small cheese factory he produces daily mozzarella, ricotta and some other cheeses as toma, scamorza and caciocavallo periodically.

If you are interested in buying some products, send an e-mail to  before the 6th of April at midnight, specifying  the quantity and please add your phone number. The delivery is taking place on the 8thAprile from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in Vicolo Sergente Testa 2/A (in front of Politeama theater and near to Boqueria)… with fresh-made mozzarella and ricotta!

Listino Prezzi


Mozzarella di latte di bufala 250 gr  …………………………..3€ / 3,50 € (not-members)

Bocconcini latte di bufala 250 gr ………………………………..3€ / 3,50 € (not-members)

Ciliegini di latte di bufala 250 gr…………………………………3€ / 3,50 € (not-members)

Ricotta di latte di bufala 200 gr ………………………………….2€ / 2,50 € (not-members)

Some cheeses according to availability…………………………..12€/kg or 13€/kg (not-members)

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Pesce d’Aprile!

April Fool’s Day is coming up and what suits that better than some fresh, good and sustainable fish?

The Fishbox contains only local and seasonal fish, caught using traditional techniques, which respect the environment. In the following link you can find the different boxes that you can order: Fishbox Locandina Marzo 2013 Piemonte-1

If you want to order, please write a mail to before Saturday, April 6 at 12:00 am.

We also want to remind you that the content of the boxes may change according to the catch of the day. The delivery will only take place if the weather conditions allow the fishermen to go out and catch the delicious fish, and if we reach a total order of 100 boxes for the Piemonte area.

The payment should be made in advance on Monday, April 8from 6pm to 7pm at the GAS shop, Vicolo Sergente Testa 2/b, Bra.

The delivery of the boxes will take place on WednesdayApril 10, at the GAS shop.

More information about the time and place of the delivery will be sent to those who order.



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New: organic wine!

Here’s the first wine order of our Gas!

You can order bottles of:

  • Dogliani Docg “Valdibacco” 2010 (14,5°) for 6 euro + IVA
  • Langhe Dolcetto “Bric” 2011 (12,5°) for 3 euro + IVA
  • Langhe Bianco “DaRico” 2011 (14°) for 5 euro + IVA
  • Vino Rosato “Rusin” (13°) for 3 euro + IVA

The wines are from the Azienda Agricola “Valdibà” of Pecchenino Vincenzo e Livio, which is in Dogliani (CN).

The grapes are cultivated using organic methods.

If you are interested, you can order by responding to this mail. The deadline of the order is Friday, March 18 at midnight.

The delivery and payment will take place on Monday, March 18 from 6pm to 8 pm at the Gas shop.



Ecco a voi il primo ordine di VINO del Gas!

Potete ordinare bottiglie di:

  • Dogliani Docg “Valdibacco” 2010 (14,5°) a 6 euro più IVA
  • Langhe Dolcetto “Bric” 2011 (12,5°) a 3 euro più IVA
  • Langhe Bianco “DaRico” 2011 (14°) a 5 euro più IVA
  • Vino Rosato “Rusin” (13°) a 3 euro più IVA

I vini provengono dall’Azienda agricola “Valdibà” di Pecchenino Vincenzo e Livio che si trova a Dogliani (CN).

Le uve vengono coltivate con metodi biologici.

Se siete interessati fate l’ordine entro venerdì 15 marzo a mezzanotte rispondendo a questa mail!

La consegna ed il pagamento avverrà lunedì 18 marzo al Gas dalle ore 18 alle ore 20.



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